“Kanda University International Studies by AERA” clay illustration of Special page

I made a clay craft with a special feature on the school guide “Kanda University International Studies by AERA”. This book seems to be a magazine at first glance, but it is a magazine style college guide. Recent university guides are interesting, as various ideas have been made. A designer’s idea, a story about the future of language studying with AI, I expressed it over 6 pages using clay craft. A human and AI who travels to the future, riding the time machine of a little classical design. How will the future of language change as smartphone applications and AI evolve? My doll is made of hard clay, so basically it will not move. But I made it so that the doll’s torso and legs adhere well, so We can make the doll stand up and sit like this. It was also interesting to make rare characters such as Myanmar, Hebrew, Tamir with clay. I thank the photographer who took a dynamic shot in the desert and future scenes.
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