Making clay modeling art, drawing Illustrations, design and writing in Tokyo. Especially making clay modeling arts  for use as a visual of books, magazines and advertising media. I’m good at painting overhead views in the field of illustration.

1973 Born in Tokyo
1995 Solo Exhibition [Ginza Gallery Nakazawa] (Paintings and clay modeling arts)
Graduated from Musashino Art University Department of  Japanese Art
Solo Exhibition “prism” [Gallery surge] (paintings)
Getting a job at a design office and Worked on editorial design
Independent opening as freelance with the pen name of “kucci”. Work on clay modeling, illustration and design
Since then, I’m making visual production of books, magazines, advertising media. Mainly clay art on irregular basis in Asahi Shimbun Publications inc “AERA” etc.
Solo Exhibition “Box Garden (HAKONIWA) Theater – Best Works of Kucci 2001-2014” [GALLERY Photo / Synthesis] (clay modeling arts)
Group exhibition “Close Exhibition ‘Minizuki Close ‘” GALLERY Photo / Synthesis “(clay modeling arts)
Co-authored “JOUJOUKA – A Strange Village and its Magical Music in Morocco ” [OHTA PUBLISHING COMPANY / Muziarns · Edition] Publishing (Illustration Map, Illustration, Writing)
Start serialization of cartoon “Kucci’s ‘Tell me Person Inside'” on the website of Tsuhan Seikatsu
Major Works
Clay Art / Illustration Books <Cover Pages> ”ASASHOURYU Foreigner with a similar face” Asahi Shimbun Publications inc. / ”Atopy can be cured so much If you stop using oil” Mikasa Shobo Co.,Ltd / ”Movie & video industry employment guide ’07 edition”Kinema-Junposha.Co., Ltd / ”Depressed Yen” Nikkei Publishing Inc. / ”Psychological Game that Understands the Mind of a Man” / “Psychological Game to Make a Woman’s heart Naked” / Complete domination series 1 and 2 SHOEISHA Co., Ltd. / “Administrator’s Basics” Pal Publications / “Recommended for Healthy Houses” Futabasha Publishers Ltd / “How to Start a Private Business Owner” Pal Publications / “The Choice of Cram School” Nikkei Publishing Inc. / “Population Burden Society” Nikkei Publishing Inc. / “A Competent Person is Prone to Depression” Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd. / Small Company (Shop) Series SHOEISHA Co., Ltd. / “Japanese Traditional Picture Encyclopedia” Sanseido Co., Ltd. / “Become a Critic!” / “Seven Basic Movements for Mere Businessman to be Single Player in Two Years” Nikkei Publishing Inc. / “Pre-NEO Picture Book of the World” Shogakukan Inc. / “Today’s Issue 1” Asukashinsha / “How to Make Limited Company” Pal Publications Books <Text Pages> “Inukee” GOMA-BOOKS Co.,ltd. / “Grab the happiness! Girl’s name” SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd. / “JOUJOUKA – Strange Village and its Magical Music in Morocco” OHTA PUBLISHING CO. / “Pre-NEO picture book of the world” Shogakukan Inc. / “Pre-NEO picture book of Japan” Shogakukan Inc. / “Pre-NEO picture book of society” Shogakukan Inc. / “Grow straight! Boy’s Name” SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd. /  “World Architecture Office” Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. / “A well-known naming” Shufunotomo Co.,Ltd. Magazine, Mook <Cover Pages> “SAPIO”2013 Shogakukan Inc. / “J.LEAGUE NEO!” 2012 Asahi Shimbun Publications inc. / “ARGENT Insurance complete guide” 2007 Recruit Co.,Ltd. / “Winning company, Winning job” 2007 Asahi Shimbun Publications inc. / “Monthly Japanese language” 2011 Alc Press Inc. / “Weekly Diamond Special Edit Great dictionary of Hospital & Nursing Care” 2011 Diamond,Inc. / “Points and writing examples of Instruction guidance 1 to 6 years” 2011 Shogakukan Inc. / “100 years of life, money and wisdom prepared for the time of emergency” 2018 Asahi Shimbun Publications inc. / “Complete Guide of Correspondence course” 2005 Recruit Co.,Ltd. / “Tsuhan Seikatsu Special edit number” 2004 CATALOGHOUSE Ltd. / “Tsuhan Seikatsu Special Edit Number” 2009 CATALOGHOUSE Ltd. / “Tsuhan Seikatsu” 2012 CATALOGHOUSE Ltd. / “Money and Living After Retirement” 2015 Asahi Shimbun Publications inc. / “Nikkei architecture” 2015 Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. / “Nikkei Drug Information” 2015-16 Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. / Nikkei Business” 2008 Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. / “Nikkei medical” 2017 Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. / “Tax Return Ranking of Japanese Company”  2002 Diamond,Inc. / “Become” 2002 Recruit Co.,Ltd. / “How to Care for ‘Anxious Child in Classroom’ by Using Relationships with Other Children” 2011 Shogakukan Inc. / “Law School Entry Exam Guide” 2006 Recruit Co.,Ltd. Magazine, Mook<Text Pages> “AERA” “AERABiz” “AERA with Baby” “BizNext” “DIME” “Good Reform” “NHK Tameshite Gatten Extra Published Health Premium” “SUUMO New Condominium Metropolitan Area Version” “SUUMO Reform” “tech B-ing” “Inu no Kimochi” “OYAZEMIi” “OYA?BOOK” “OrangePage” “Kanda University International Studies by AERA” “Kinderbook” “Kinderbook Gakushu Aozora” “Kokko club” “Shushoku Jouanal” “Can do soon Windows10 Primer” “Book that you like as your job” “Tamago club” “Tsuhan Seikatsu” “Nikkei architecture” “Nikkei Ecology” “Nikkei Click” “Nikkei Drug Information” “Nikkei Bio Business” “Nikkei Business” “Nikkei Best PC” “Nikkei Home Builder” “Nin-sugu” “Lettuce Club” “Yama to Keikoku” “Lapita” Newspaper “The Nikkei” “Nikkei Veritas” Nikkei Inc. Package “Takuji Shirasawa’s polyphenol green juice” CATALOGHOUSE Ltd. Advertisement, Pamphlet “Pipit” Toyota Motor Corporation Newspaper Advertisement/Chiyoda Sushi Employment Promotion Brochure “Useful Catalog HEBELIAN Selection” 2016Fall issue~2017Winter issue/Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation. (Clay Art Printed on the cover page) “NIKKEN JOURNAL” No. 32 / Nikken Sekkei Ltd. (Overhead view Illustration of NAD Team) “Kyoshitu no Mado Lower Grade Edition” First issue (Overhead view Illustration) Tohoku University “Aobayama Commons” (Overhead view Illustration) WEBChildren’s Dinning Hall(Kokomo Shokudou) -Network” (Clay Art, Clay made logo) ”’Spread, circle of children’s dining hall(Kodomo Shokudou)!’ Tour” (Illustration, Clay made logo) “Ebisu Finger Paint Art Class” (Clay made logo)
Design Advertisement, Pamphlet “arch” No. 78~ Art Collection House Co., Ltd / “Moriyama Original dessert recipes” MORIYAMA Co., Ltd. / “ASCOT PLIMECLUB” No. 16~24 ASCOT CORP. Books “Grab the happiness! Girl’s name” SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd. / “Grow straight! Boy’s Name” SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd. / “Heartbreak Medicine” LOCOMOTION. Inc. / “Whereabouts of Love is Seen in a Dream” LOCOMOTION. Inc. / “Lecture to Become a Big Man”  KODANSHA Ltd. / “Inukee” GOMA-BOOKS Co., Ltd. Other [Logo creation] “Chi-Chi friends” “Chara-Gurumi” IWAYA Co., Ltd.  / [Design Assistant] “Monty Python’s Flying Circus ‘Japanese dubbed revival’ DVD BOX” SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT (Japan) lnc. / [Poster] AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. / [E-book] “heartbreak medicine” “Love of the Century” “Rock’n Roll Diet 60 Rules” “Japanese of the slip laugh” “Dream Divination of Love” “Everyone’s garden” Web Edition
Writing “JOUJOUKA – Strange Village and its Magical Music in Morocco” OHTA PUBLISHING CO.