Exhibition Archive
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World Ethnic Clothing Series<Water Field Color Child>(2006〜)
I am constantly making dolls wearing ethnic costumes all over the world, with praise to various ways of life. It is like a thousand paper cranes made with a wish.

Funny House Series(2014~)

I interviewed people practicing an unusual lifestyle and I draw their houses in an overhead view.


I love movies! So I made figures of respectable actors.


How about a doll that has only one in the world for marriage and other celebrations?

Box Garden New Version(2002)

Newly built box garden series made around 2002, only two things. I shed bees wax in the hot springs and the sea.

Box Garden Original Version(1994~95)
A 20 cm large box garden series made when I was a student. It is rough, but the roots of a clay illustration that discovered the fun of diorama effect and cheating picture sense.