Q. What is a clay modeling arts?


It is an object made from stone plastics clay soil etc. for use in books, magazines, advertisement visuals. I’m keeping in mind that works are taken in the photographs.    
Q. What kind of materials are you using?
A. I mainly use stone clay soil called “Artista Formo”. It has moderate robustness with stone powder and can be scraped off after drying, so it is suitable for detailed modeling and correction. I use paper, wood, cloth, acrylic etc. as necessary.    
Q. What other clay types are there?
A. In Japan, I think that there are many works using lightweight resin clay for clay art used for printed matter. This clay is molded after mixing color into clay, so it is finished in a color with high lightness and saturation. It is suitable for bright and warm images, but it is not suitable for expressing subtle facial expressions and textures. Also, since it can not be changed after curing, I hardly use it. If there are special requests such as decoration as below, we will use it.If there was a special request like the decorated sweets below, I will use it.    
Q.  How long is the production period?

As a production process, First draw a rough sketch and mold the clay. After drying, I shave and add clay to make details and polish with a file. Finally it is colored and finished. In case of making three figures, It takes 3 days because I want to secure the modeling time of one day for each figure. It takes 2 to 3 days depending on the season to dry it. After that, it takes 3 to 4 days to fix and color. So, it will take 8 to 10 days in total. Because diorama takes more hands, it takes lightly for about two weeks. I am working earlier, so I can respond to the work of a weekly magazine with a short construction period, but the making tends to become coarse. There are also seasons when clay is difficult to dry, so I am glad if you can request with plenty of time.

Q.  What kind of rough sketch can we see?
A. Sketch with a pen or pencil. Because it is a 2D sketch, Some errors will occur compared to finish, but I believe It is some predictable error. I will publish a part of the rough sketch below, so please compare it with the picture of the finished clay work. In order to secure the production time of clay, the sketch often draws in a few hours, so it is rough. I change the way of drawing between when I want to convey the details and when I want to tell the form.    
 Can we move the hands and neck of the figure?
A. There is no flexibility like oil clay used for clay animation, so you can not move it. In order to move the hands and neck of the figure, I made it with different parts, but after all it is awkward and the beauty of the model is impaired. However, since it is carefully finished so that it will be in a beautiful shape regardless of where you look from 360 degrees. Looking down from the top, that’s lonely appearance makes us feel love, Looking up from the bottom, that’s confident appearance makes us feel positive. If it’s a pose figure with movement in the limbs, we can enjoy various cuts.  
Q.  I also want a background …
A. There are various ways to make with diorama, such as directing with paper, cloth, things, etc during shooting, taking pictures in real landscape etc. After having a meeting with a designer or photographer, prepare props etc. The way to draw a flat picture and place it on the back was not so effective as the flat painted background does not complement the main figure.Rather than making difficult things impossible, there are cases in which it is faster to make with diorama. Personally, I think that it’s better to make use of the charm of figures to maximize by directing space comfortable rather than sticking to drawing the background. If you have a good idea, please do not hesitate to propose.

Background made with diorama    

Background that produced space    

Background taken with actual landscape    
Q.  Can I check images before shooting?

If you wish, I will email the completed image. If you want to proceed carefully, I will also send you the image before coloring. In the following works, I have confirmed the image before coloring and pointed out that “the feet look short”, “The shape of the golf club is not accurate”, and I corrected it.

Q. How are you delivering?
A. In most cases, I carry the my clay works to the studio and set up it for shooting, but sometimes, I do not accompany shooting by merely handing the work. Although I sometimes use a delivery services, I try to deliver it myself as much as possible to avoid damage before shooting.  
Q. How are you shooting?
A. Basically, editors and designers will arrange photographers. It is also possible to introduce a photographer with my relationship. The figure size is about 15 to 20 cm in case of an adult doll, so please refer to the shooting. I will watch shooting as much as possible. I think that the person who editors, designers, photographers, and artists participate in the shooting will be finished as a better work. If it was a simple cut, it is possible to take a picture by myself, but because I have only self-flow technology and simple equipment, please understand that it is difficult to respond to a detailed request.  
Q. I want to use clay art, but I do not have enough schedule and budget …
A. If it is a relief-like work, it is possible to shorten the production period than three-dimensional objects. In addition, although I have avoided recently used items and features, we can reuse past works.Unlike the reuse of illustrations and rental photos, reuse of old three-dimensional objects can make a completely different picture depending on the shooting angle. I sell part of the work in the photolibrary. I mainly sell works that feel the season, so please use it if you find the work you want.  
Q. Can you make anything?
A. I will respond to as many requests as possible, but there are things I can not do.For example, it is not possible to work on three-dimensionally converting an existing character that is the copyright of another person because there are many detailed designations. It should ask a figure prototypeist.Nonetheless, I respond to somewhat unusual demands.I made a woodwork work for the request “Please make a small drawer to put in a business card”.Also I made a paper craft and I also painted a soccer team’s logo mark on a soccer ball.”If you want to do something like this, where would you like to ask?” Please consult me when you need help.    
Q. I want you to make a doll that resembles me!
A. I can also make weddings and personalized celebrations dolls. Please feel free to contact us!